COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Protection mask

Customers are obliged to wear a mask at all time during being present in our location.

Personnel health monitoring

We monitor the temperature and overall health status of all of our employees everyday before work.

Access to our services

In order to access our services, you must have an appointment scheduled beforehand, so that no other person is in the reception area at the moment of your arrival. However, if there is another person during your arrival, a distance of minimum 2 m must and will be kept.

Temperature & symptoms check

Access for customers will be allowed in the location only after checking their temperature, which must not be over 37C, and only on the reserve of the symptoms absence.

Credit Card Payments

We have implemented the credit card payments, so that you can pay contactless, without having to touch any cash.

Customer disinfection

Customers are obliged to disinfect their hands and shoes when arriving at our location. At the entrance and also in the reception area, rooms and bathrooms, premium disinfectant with a concentration of more than 75% alcohol is available for all customers, and also chlorine doormats at the entrance.

Further actions

After every massage session, every room is properly vented and disinfected. We use premium disinfectants, with a concentration of alcohol of more than 75%, in order to disinfect every surface that you could possibly be in contact with. Furthermore, for every customer and massage session we use disposable sheets and slippers, so that you are always safe when at Fantasy.

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