You’re invited to a session of relaxation massage, body massage and erotic massage with a seductive naked masseuse. You’ll experience absolute pleasure and relaxation, intensified by the naked body of the Fantasy Massage masseuse in a chime of intense sensations! Sensual touches and caresses are allowed during the erotic massage session, reaching climax through erotic massage techniques. Careful and receptive to the customer’s preferences, our masseuses will give the best reasons to come back at Fantasy Massage Bucharest.


Your fantasies are always with you, playing with reality you perceive day by day, whispering naughty ideas in your ear, playing movies in which YOU are actually the protagonist. If one of your fantasies is to be tied or you want to feel you can’t escape the insane pleasure of “bed arrest”, we propose the following erotic game: you’ll completely leave yourself in the hands of a seductive woman, whose only purpose is to give you pleasure. All your senses will be stimulated by a masseuse who will tie you with two fine silk scarfs or leather handcuffs, followed by you being blindfolded. You don’t need to worry about safety and comfort. Beforehand you’ll discuss with our masseuse to establish exactly what you want to experience during the massage session and which are the boundaries you need her to respect.


What can be more exciting than seeing a woman lascivious dancing and wriggling her body with sensual moves, meant to stimulate all your sense, just before you give into the most exciting erotic massage? We’re ready to fulfill your most secret fantasies during the massage session, so don’t hesitate to try a special massage- Fantasy Massage.


We know you’re used to being in control in everyday life, that’s why you’ll be the submissive one this time and you’ll completely leave yourself in her hands! The masseuse will test your limits and you’ll get one of the most exciting massages. Discover all kinds of naughty toys: handcuffs, strap-on, whip and not only. If you want to try something completely unexpected, you can let one of our masseuses spoil you with a novel technique of prostate massage.


A steamy atmosphere with two beautiful women: one location, one room, the fantasies of only one man and two masseuses ready to fulfill them. Any man’s burning desire to enjoy the sensual movements of two playful girls who are eager to make him reach ecstasy can become reality with Fantasy Massage.


Fantasy Massage suggests you experience sensuality in an erotic ritual with sensations twice as intense and exciting. Ready to go massage is a blend of passion and relaxation, with two masseuses touching you in the most sensual way so that you enjoy intense pleasure.


If you want to escape the daily routine and experience the erotism of an erotic massage in two, you have the opportunity to choose an experience with one or two masseuses for you and your partner. This massage mixes subtle massage relaxation techniques with sensual touches. The massage culminates in activating the erogenous zones, awakening the desire and passion of each one of you.


Do you like being in control? Roles switch during this type of massage. You’ll get the opportunity to exercise techniques of relaxation massage and erotic massage on a naked masseuse. Dare to enjoy a new experience, full of sensuality and erotism at Fantasy Massage Bucharest.


Get rid of stress and tiredness with a relaxing massage session performed by a topless masseuse. The Erotic Fantasy Masaj located in Bucharest is unique because during a relaxing massage session we offer all our customers relaxation, indulgence and good vibe. Our staff’s professionalism is reflected in the quality of the relaxation massage and we invite you to discover it.
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